810 Texas Ave., Suite B
El Paso, TX 79901
(915) 262-0687

El Paso Brewing Co - Thunderbird American Lager
El Paso Brewing Co - Thunderbird American Lager

ABV: 4%     IBU: 24

True to its name, this flavor flies proud and strong, especially during summertime. It’s a very easy-to-drink dark lager and features a “three color” character: low bitterness, rich chocolate and roasted caramel. This combination is a rare find among commercial beers. The yeast further enhances the malty richness, and the finish is nice and smooth.

History: On the west face of El Paso’s Franklin Mountains, a large red thunderbird stands guard. It is a large, red “M” shape best visible in the afternoon sunset and spans several large ridges on the mountainside. The thunderbird has become an icon of the city’s west side.

Food Pairings: A dark lager works well with hearty, spicy food such as barbecue, sausages and roasted meat.

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