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El Paso Brewing Co. would not be here without the incredible support and love we receive daily from our community. Thank you, Friends!

Our downtown brewpub houses all our brewery production equipment (behind the scenes but ask for a tour). Up front you'll find great coffee, pastries and craft beer direct from the brewdeck.

Our Beers
Carlos Guzman and Jason Baca Brewing
El Paso Brewing Company


Mon – Fri   2PM – 12AM
Sat       2PM – 1AM
Sun       2PM – 10PM

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What We Offer

El Paso Craft Beer

Craft Beer

Coffee in El Paso


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  • Lagartos

    Red Ale

    An export-style red with a chewy body and slightly sweet balance.

  • Pa'Chuco

    Pale Ale

    This brew is fruity and floral with a light sweet and clean taste. The color is light, but the flavor isn’t, Holmes!

  • Whiptail


    German dark wheat bear with a great combination of caramel, slight chocolate malt, banana and clove yeast.

  • Wicked Felina


    modern interpretation with more late hop smoothness, but with a maltier and more balanced character.

  • Thunderbird

    American Lager

    Low bitterness, rich chocolate and roasted caramel. The flavor flies proud and strong.

  • Mammoth Rock

    Belgian Dubbel

    belgian ale with fruity and yeasty character. dry and lightly warming

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